Right Now.

I’m a little disoriented with all that is happening around me. It’s only been a week since I got back from our [UPMC] tour from Europe, and only been a week since I stepped out of our home because of the 7-10-day voluntary self-quarantine. Moreover, because of the events mentioned, I missed the first two weeks of classes. I’ve been away from the Philippines–specifically Manila, for almost a month, and out of school–especially during the first few days of classes, for more than two months. Thus making me slightly unknowing of the things happening in, and feel detached from, the world. Well, Manila–UP Manila is “the” world for me at this time.

Disorientation, and perhaps insecurities, really had me contemplating about my first attempt to attend one of my classes–OC152. “Is it okay?” “Will it be safe?” “WIll they force me to go back home?” “Are they expecting to see me?” “Am I ready to see them?” “Am I TOO late?” “Am I out of place?” Am I serious about this??” Am I REALLY ready?”

Thinking too much almost stopped me from entering the gates of CAS that Saturday afternoon. But [tentenententen] of course, I eventually went in and found my way to our classroom. It seemed more or less the same and more or less different. Same people I know, but different experiences offered  I guess.

Doubt and insecurities are still with me. If I regained my “lost” connection to this world? It’s a bit early to say. Starting this blog does not prove much either. Yet I knew I would have to face it no matter what, where, how, or when. So now, I just dare face it once again. And hopefully, be able to do things right.

SO help me GOd. 😉

Father’s day!

Father’s day is coming. Although our son is still too young to say his own message to his dad, I’m pretty sure that if he could talk, he would more or less tell him this.

Daddy, I may cry so loud when you hold me. NOT because I HaTe you. You just sleep too much and read too many black pages online–and that bore me sometimes. The truth is I LIKE YOU Daddy–especially when we shower together and when you play loud banging music while you make me watch those colorful lights dancing and waving in circles and spirals. o_O You may not realize it but many PEOPLE LIKE YOU, too (though not as much as they like me) because YOU aRe A GooD FaTHeR. So here is one of the many ways for me and mommy to prove that and also tell you how much you mean to us. Don’t be shy. Be proud! Because I am. Because I’m with you, you see? 😉  I love you daddy! (Advance) Happy Father’s Day! =)”

The proof would be the “liking contest” I joined for my hubby and our son. Please read the rest of my son’s “message” below:

“To our relatives, my mommy Dasi and daddy Leo’s friends, sisters, brothers, classmates, batchmates, schoolmates, and everyone else, if you believe my daddy’s a good father (and think that I am really cute :p), please like this page: http://www.facebook.com/AndysClosetBabyFashionandGearShop and our picture here: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=133968306680703&set=a.133555913388609.32730.107040609373473&type=1&theater … Thanks everyone!!! =)”

Happy father’s day to my husband and of course, to my daddy and dad-in-law!
Happy father’s day, too, to all the fathers out there. 😀

The O!

We were asked to make a podcast about OrCom. The purpose is to give high school students who will soon go to college an idea what UP Manila Orcom students normally do; and practically, entice them to also take the course.

Our group (Alvina, Jhe, Alwyn, Eldin, and I) wanted to make an informative yet fairly entertaining podcast. So we came up with a concept and structure of a radio show—sort of.

In the end, we named the show “The O!“, and had Aloloe and Jheyhoe as the funny yet witty hosts (Go figure who they really are. ;p).

So sit back, relax, and enjoy listening to our radio show! 🙂

The O!


September 26, 2009, Saturday— day of the unexpected event for all of us.

The night before, September 25, 2009, I was panicking to buy a dress for the supposedly OrCom homecoming ball that night. The previous week was a bit exhausting due to a lot of school works, and ending it with a feel-good party would have been a way of detoxifying.

I always find it hard choosing what clothes or dresses to buy; I finished just before Robinsons Ermita closed. It was slightly raining when we went out. It didn’t bother us much since I had an umbrella, and it was practically normal these past few days. I went home safe and sound; freshened up and eventually went to bed while hearing the rain calmly pouring. The slight coldness made me feel relaxed and fell asleep soon; not knowing that this calmness was already a sign of Ondoy’s coming.

When I woke up the following day, September 26, 2009, it was still raining; this time, it was heavier, and the wind blew stronger. I was already contemplating whether to go to school or not. Although we had no OrCom152 class this day, we were required to attend the seminar conducted by the OrCom Juniors. Bringing with me a soon-to-give-up umbrella because my younger brother went to school earlier and took my umbrella, I came to school, nonetheless.

Orcom people stuck in CAS UPM

Orcom people stuck in CAS UPM

The seminar was cut so the Orcom people was placed in the dilemma of how to go home, or where to stay before the flooding around CAS-UPM gets worse. It was really a crucial decision because we were in our corporate attires, meaning power dresses and fab shoes; only few was able to bring with them grepa slippers which they can use while walking through the floods.

Orcom people trying to conquer Ondoy flooding

Orcom people trying to conquer Ondoy flooding

But still, some of us tried to escape from being trapped in CAS-UPM by heading towards Robinsons Ermita. If worse comes to worse, we wouldn’t have to worry about getting hungry or thirsty, at least. However, the Gbox employee said to us that Robinsons will close earlier due to bad weather conditions. I think some of Rob employees were not able to go to work. Some of us were brave enough to take their chances of making their way home. While most of us (like me, who was advised by my dad  to stay where I was for the meantime) were forced to go back to CAS and stay there until it was safe to go home.

Stranded Orcom kids at CAS UPM

Stranded Orcom kids at CAS UPM

Wannabe Korean!

One of our group projects is to make a viral video. My groupmates (Eldin, Alwyn, Alvina, Jhe) and I thought it would be a very enjoyable activity especially that we get to choose whatever topic or subject we want–as in anything under the sun. But we have to take note: it should become viral.

Making a video viral isn’t as easy as you think it is. For most viral videos, intention of making it viral wasn’t there in the first place. Viral videos can be as daring as pornography or as simple as a cat riding with a ceiling fan. What we did is we first tried to figure out what actually made these videos viral. We came up with so many assumptions and eventually end up considering the trends or what Filipinos rave about these days. In the end, we thought about the current “Nobody by Wonder Girls” and “Fire by 2ne1” craze, or the so-called korean fever.

The korean theme was a good idea in ths sense that we already have a target audience which usually search for videos like ours. However, korean theme was also a not-so-good idea because there are thousands more other korean videos in youtube which can be our tough competitors.

Nonetheless, I still find our video cute and watchable. See for yourself. 😉

Here’s our version of a viral video. Enjoy!

Spreading the Virus

Youtube became so popular because it’s an avenue for people to share whatever they want to the world without actually spending much. You can find almost any kind of videos in youtube: commercials, music videos, tv series, movies, instructional, personal sentiments, or what have you; can be professional or amateurish. What’s amusing is that a lot of ordinary people become popular just because of their video posts in youtube  becoming viral.

Case in Point: Moymoy Palaboy

The boys of Moymoy Palaboy w

Orcom vs Masscom

I was into Mass Communication when I first thought of college. It was a popular course back then, yet I thought only few can actually get into the course. The course sort of requires you to communicate a lot and get yourself involved with all the things that are happening around you, and the crowd I was with back then were not really that type of people. However in my case, I was really very outspoken and outgoing, making Mass Comm the perfect course for me–I thought.

Things changed when I transferred to UP Manila.

Since Mass Communication is not offered in UP Manila, I tried to take a similar course. Then I saw Organizational Communication. At first, I didn’t understand what it meant. But since it has communication, then maybe it wouldn’t have much difference–I thought, again.

To make the long story short, I found out and realized big differences between the two courses mentioned.

We already know what Mass communication is all about–broadcasting, journal or editorial writing; more or less, its purpose is to serve the interest of the masses. Organizational Communication, on the other hand, involves meetings or group discussions, presenting on a different level, more on corporate and within organization communication; basically, it caters to the needs of an organization and its key stakeholders.

Organizational Communication (Orcom) is practically no different from other forms of communication; you create a message and you get the message across to your intended receiver. But what makes Orcom unique is that you don’t simply get the message across, rather you make sure the message is appropriate and properly understood, plus you get your receiver’s feedback; it is almost always a two way process of communication. Orcom people does not only know how to speak, but more importantly knows when to listen.

Its slightly formal and very customized way of communicating makes Orcom really challenging and fun at the same time.

No doubt, Orcom practitioners may get really toxic and exhausted with all the reports, papers, marketing plans, and all that. Nonetheless, we manage to keep our lives healthy and balance. We work hard and we party as hard, even harder. Besides these paper works, as Orcom practitioners, we also get to experience handling events much to our liking. Learning while enjoying. 😉

Orcom has taught me a lot not only on the academic level but also on the personal level. The best thing about it is that Orcom teaches you to hold on to your values and the more important things in one’s life.

Well.. Orcom may not be my first choice. But definitely it wouldn’t be the last; perhaps a very good second choice in my case. 🙂